The Mayor of London's Fund for Young Musicians

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Mayor of London launches new fund for music education

16 May 2011

Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, has launched a new music charity, which aims to raise £2m by March 2012 and boost music education for children in London.

The charity, called The Mayor of London’s Fund for Young Musicians, will provide children who have significant musical talent and commitment with ‘outstanding opportunities’. Four hundred children, aged seven to 11 and across 33 London boroughs, will be awarded music scholarships and will be selected on the basis of commitment, talent and financial need.

The four-year scholarships will provide the selected children with opportunities to progress their music education, with small-group instrumental tuition, access to instruments and Saturday music schools, individual mentoring and regular performances.

There will also be the opportunity for around 10,000 children up to the age of 18 to enhance their music education by working alongside professional musicians. This partnership scheme is an extension of an existing GLA pilot project.

The mayor, who is the founder patron, said: ‘Music can transform the lives of young people from all backgrounds, enriching the mind, teaching valuable skills and discipline and importantly, providing a source of invaluable self-expression, personal enjoyment and life enhancing career options. If a young Londoner has a talent for music and the commitment to progress, I want them to be able to do so regardless of their starting point. The new fund will help to make this not just an aspiration but a reality for young musicians who could otherwise be overlooked.’

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